Mar 26, 2011

Create Bootable Windows 7, Vista, or XP USB Flash/Pen Drive

 Just make sure that you have a pen drive with 4GB + capacity if you are making a bootable USB flash drive.

Requirements to create bootable Windows USB:

# Windows 7 or Vista ISO

# Pen drive with 4GB+ (2 GB is sufficient for XP)

# 15 Minutes of free time

Mar 24, 2011

MTS Launches ½ Paisa per Second Plan for LIFETIME

MTS the CDMA Mobile service of SSTL today announced an exciting Value Maximizer offer for its prospective customers across Maharashtra & Goa which provides ½ paisa/second tariff plan for LIFETIME on all local calls without any condition.

Mar 9, 2011

15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever

Everybody's favorite open-source browser, Firefox, is great right out of the box. And by adding some of the awesome extensions available out there, the browser just gets better and better.

But look under the hood, and there are a bunch of hidden (and some not-so-secret) tips and tricks available that will crank Firefox up and pimp your browser. Make it faster, cooler, more efficient. Get to be a Jedi master with the following cool Firefox tricks.

1) More screen space. Make your icons small. Go to View - Toolbars - Customize and check the gUse small iconsh box.

2) Smart keywords. If therefs a search you use a lot (letfs sayfs people search), this is an awesome tool that not many people use. Right-click on the search box, select gAdd a Keyword for this searchh, give the keyword a name and an easy-to-type and easy-to-remember shortcut name (letfs say gactorh) and save it. Now, when you want to do an actor search, go to Firefoxfs address bar, type gactorh and the name of the actor and press return. Instant search! You can do this with any search box.

3) Keyboard shortcuts. This is where you become a real Jedi. It just takes a little while to learn these, but once you do, your browsing will be super fast. Here are some of the most common (and my personal favs): 

Mar 8, 2011

Use Your Pen Drive As RAM

Now a days, we can use our own pendrives as RAMs just to boost up boot speed and also operational system speed.Its not only possible for those who have vista 0S.It also works well for Windows 2000 & Windows XP users. All you need is a pendrive of minimum 1GB,i will recommend that of a 4GB

Follow the steps:
1)Inject your pendrive in the usb port of the computer
2)Now as usual let ur pc do its own work for detecting it
3)Now you gota act smart. ."here goes the real thing" 

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