Jan 29, 2011

Get your .free domain preregistered for free

Hurry!! get your .free domain name like "www.yourname.free" preregistered. Already 50258 .FREE Domains Preregistered get yours free here http://dotfree.com. Your .free domain name will be available at the first quarter of 2012 as per the info from dotfree.

Who is behind .FREE?

The initiative for the top-level domain .FREE is a bold new approach to internet domains, and is supported by a variety of companies and individuals. Taking advantage of the expansion of the Top Level Domains, the dotFree Group will, for the first time, give domains 100% free. The .FREE top-level domain will give people around the world the opportunity to own their free domain name and will offer companies the chance to market their products through the .FREE domain extension. The .FREE community is lead by the dotFree Group s.r.o. – a Czech start-up founded in 2009, and is supported by various stakeholders spread around the world and by people who support the idea of a free internet.

Why are .FREE domains introduced?

The number of web users increases each day as the internet plays an ever growing part in everyone's life. As more and more web sites and web addresses are continuously registered online, it becomes increasingly difficult for someone to register his/her website under a desirable name, as the existing Top Level Domains become saturated. This is the reason why new Top Level Domains are created and why they can sell the domains under their extension. .FREE however, is the first TLD to offer free domains under the .FREE extension.

Are .FREE domains really free?

Yes. The first .FREE domain name will be absolutely free for everyone. Whether you are building your first website, expanding your online presence, or even if you decided to give away free products, .FREE gives you the possibility to register a desirable web address and send a powerful message to the world under the .FREE banner. Example Domains: www.givesomething.free, www.mymusic.free, www.feel.free, www.software.free, www.yourname.free, www.yourbrand.free.

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