Aug 15, 2011

Pepsi Photo Contest

It’s all about YOU! Pull out your cameras and get clicking! Bring out your talent & tell us your story in a picture (or pictures) with a dash of Pepsi in the foreground or the background.
Anything goes, from black and white to sepia to just plain clicks on your phone camera.

Here is what you need to do to participate:
  1. Click here to facebook page >like it >Click Pepsi photo contest tab
  2. Click a photograph with Pepsi in a theme of YOUR choice (anything goes as long as it’s from your YOUniverse!)
  3. It can be anything YOU click with Pepsi in it
  4. Only original photographs will qualify

Who knows? If you really click a mean pic YOU could be the proud owner of a DSLR camera!

Contest closes: 18th August 2011

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