Jun 24, 2011

Enable tabbed folder browsing in Windows

You might be aware of the tabs in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, even some PDF readers allow you to open multiple files in tabs. This is useful as you dont open multiple instance of the same application again and again. Taking the same concept in Windows, Have you ever wondered why we open windows exploreragain and again ? So today we will make Windows Explorer Tab Enabled.

This free utility which allows you to enable the tabbed browsing for you files on your computer, or in other words, it is an extension to the traditional Windows Explorer. And it doesn’t only enable just the tabbed browsing for files and folders so you can work with multiple windows, but also provides handful of other features which will definitely make you a fan of this utility. Name of this utility is QTTabBar.

Give it a try and share your views about it with us. | Download QTTabBar

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