Jun 27, 2011

How to Run Java Applications on Android Smartphones

Did you not use the phone java again? Did you already use a more sophisticated, android or iphone? But when you use sophisticated gadget, you are missing java application. Some people love any java application very much. Like nimbuzz java or mig33 java.

Don’t worry, if you want to use it. You can use jbed – java emualtor for android. With this application you can play a variety of applications and java games on mobile android.

You can download this emulator on the link bellow.
Download Jbed For Android 2.2
Download Jbed For Android 2.1
Download Jbed For Android 1.6
Download Jbed For Android 1.5

You can read how to instal this application on your android device.
Install jbed 1.20 Android
Click “SD card” on menu
Choose your JAR file
Click on your installed java apps and run

Enjoy it.

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