Jul 19, 2011

Classmate "Man Of The Match" Contest

The pitch is ready for a brand new battle. Here’s your chance to meet Yuvraj Singh* & get loads of cool Pune Warriors India Merchandise* & Classmate Gift Hampers*. Now, every time you purchase Classmate Stationery come and update your score. The very moment you hit a century, you’re eligible to get a prize. What’s more, there’s no limit to how much you can score. More the runs you make the greater are your rewards.

Here’s how the website will calculate the runs scored by you based on the table below for each product purchased.

Notebooks 20%
Pens 30%
Pencils 30%
Geometry Books 30%
Others 40%
For instance, if you buy notebooks worth Rs.500/-,the purchase amount will be multiplied by the value assigned to notebooks, which is 20%. And this means, you’ve scored 100 runs (500 x 20%=100 Runs).

Score 10 runs when you spread the word about Classmate Man of the Match on facebook/classmate.

Now let’s get started. It’s time for you to score a century. 

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