Jul 21, 2011

Jammy Art Contest for Kids: Win 4 PS3

Kissan's Jammy Fest will be held in second week of September 2011.
On this day 50 winners of jamy art will be flown down to the venue to create the world's biggest jammy art on a canvas of roti, bread and parathas and be in the Limca book of Records.

Even if you don't make it to final 50 you will have a lot of fun on that day. To begin with you get a chance to catch up with your favorite cartoon character from Tom & Jerry and click a snap with them. Besides there'll be counters serving the yummiest food, tattoo stalls, art workshop, online gaming section etc. making this day one of the most delicious memories to cherish for a lifetime. Now that's called Jammy art on the platter. Mega Prize: Playstation ............Hurry!!
and submit your Jammy Art to participate! Contest Open! To let your kid create similar art... Winners: 40 most voted and 10 lucky wild card entries win!

Key terms and conditions of the activity:
On entering this Promotion, Participants acknowledge that the pictures uploaded may be used in publicity by HUL or HUL's Agencies without further consent or payment. Such publicity may include without limitation the Participants' name and likeness, photographs and video footage of the entrant, biographical information provided by the entrant, and any statement made by them concerning the Event or the prize. Entrants agree that any or all such elements may be used by HUL or its agents in any and all media as HUL or __HUL Agencies in its sole discretion sees fit.

The event is open to all Children of the age group between 6 to 14 years who are Indian Nationals ('Participants').
The Children participating in the Event shall be required to take an express permission from the Parents/ Guardian.
The Promotion is being conducted by _Mindshare** (hereinafter referred to as "Event Management Company") on behalf of Hindustan Unilever Limited ("HUL"). **Subject to change
The Participants will have to create a "Jammy Art" online on www.jammyart.com website through a paint application and submit their drawings/sketch online on website.
There will be 4 (four) 'Jammy Art' themes and each theme will be run for a period of 15 days and the participants shall have to upload their drawings/ sketches based on the themes.
The participants shall be eligible to win prizes on the number of votes that they get from other participants and other online browsers who visit the website and who vote for the participants.
The Prizes shall be given on the basis of number of votes received by the Participants at the end of every 'Jammy Art' theme which shall run for fifteen days.
The total number of prizes to be given during the Promotion Period shall be as follows:
(Fill in the rest of the Prizes)

  • 1st Prize - Play station - 4
  • 2nd Prize - Pen Drive - 25
  • 3rd Prize - Mugs - 30
  • 4th Prize - T-shirts - 100
  • 5th Prize - Cap - 100
  • 6th Prize - School Bags - 100
  • 7th Prize - Sippers - 1000
  • 8th Prize - Compass Box - 200

One entry per participant is permitted to be uploaded on the website. Entrants enter by uploading a photo via the link on the homepage. Pictures shall be available for view on the 'Gallery page / participant's login page home page.
Winners will be notified by email/phone (at the details provided at time of registration) within 2 weeks after end of every theme of "Jammy Art". Winners have five (5) business working days to respond in full to the email or another winner will be selected.
The top 40 most voted entries during the Promotion Period would be selected to participate and be part of the "Jammy Art – Limca Book of records" final event (hereinafter referred to as the "Event"). There will be a crew of JJ arts institute professionals who will guide these 40 participants on the final day to make the world record.
The intimation of the date and venue for the Event shall be intimated to the Participants Two weeks prior to the date of the Event.
The 40 winners of the "Jammy Art" promotion along with one of their parent/ Guardian (who shall be over 18 years of Age) shall be called on to participate in the Event.
The 40 winners along with their parents shall be provided with economy class return Air travel to the nearest Airport from the address provided by the participants in the entry form to _Event destination__.
The participants along with their parent will be provided lodging in appropriate 2star /3 star accommodation on twin sharing basis (bed and breakfast) for the participation in the activity.
HUL shall no assume no responsibility and shall pay no compensation/ insurance in case of any illness, accident, disability arising to any of the Participant or the Parent/ Guardian during the course of their stay or travel to the venue for the purposes of the Event.
By entering the event, the winner(s) consent to any publicity generated as a result of the promotion, and use on websites, magazines or mobile services at any time.
HUL and _HUL's Agencies will not accept responsibility for lost entries through technical fault, incomplete, illegible or other damaged entries. Proof of entry is not automatically proof of receipt.
HUL shall be entitled to verify identity or any other required/relevant details of the participants for the "Jammy Art" promotion.
Details of the winner(s) can be found on the 'Winners' section of the site or obtained by sending a _email id - help@jammyart.com__ within 15 days of the closing date of the promotion.
Photographs, interview or any other such matter of the winner's may be used by HUL for promotional purposes and HUL shall have the intellectual property rights to do so without offering payment of any sort to the participant/winner.
HUL at its sole discretion reserves its right to change, alter or modify the terms and conditions of this offer, without prior notice. HUL shall have the sole discretion to change the venue.
Prizes may be changed without prior notice at the discretion of HUL.
HUL assumes no responsibility or provides any guarantee or warranty for performance, fitness of the prizes provided under this promotion.
Taxes, if any applicable, shall be entirely to the account of the winners.
HUL shall have the right to deny prizes if HUL is reasonably satisfied that the participant has misrepresented or falsified any data/fact.
No dispute regarding the event shall be entertained. HUL reserves the sole right to control the execution of the event.
All disputes in the first instance shall be referred to an 'Ombudsman' to be appointed by HUL. All disputes shall be governed under Mumbai jurisdiction, to the exclusion of all other courts.

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