Feb 10, 2011

Get a Power Efficiency Report

This is a must if you are using your laptop and you are puzzled that why your laptop’s battery drains so fast.

Windows 7 includes a built in hidden tool that will examine your laptop’s energy use and then make recommendations on how to improve it. To use it follw these steps:

1. Run the command Prompt as an Administrator. To do this , press Start button and type cmd and when the cmd icon appears, just right click on it and choose “Run as Administrator” as shown below:

2. Provide the confirmation and then in the command prompt type powercfg –energy –output \Energy\energy_report.html

Note: Here there is a space between powercfg and –energy and similar space exists between –energy and output and also with –output and \Energy\energy_report.html. Here ‘Energy’ is the name of the folder which is present at C: drive and Energy_report.html is the name of the file that would be generated after windows check the power settings.

Make sure that you don’t type the complete path, like if you are making a folder ‘ABC’ at root of C: drive, then make sure to mention the name of the output folder as \ABC and not as C:\ABC, otherwise Windows would interpret the output folder as C:\C:\ABC and not C:\ABC. For further reference see the figure:

After the efficiency report is generated, the Command Prompt will notify you to see the energy report at the pre-set location. From this energy report, you can follow the recommendations for ways to improve the power performance of your computer.

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