Feb 3, 2011

Top 10 Broadband service providers in India

Broadband in India has truly changed a lot of things in almost every field. It has not just touched and changed the lives of Indian people; it has also made an impact in almost every field. There are a number of Internet Service Providers providing Internet services throughout the country, however the top ten are chosen based on the quality of service, high-speed and the cost effectiveness and connectivity. The various services and products on offer by these various internet service providers in India are quite accommodating and flexible and also make sure that customer satisfaction is achieved.

The List of The Top 10 Broadband Providers in India :


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) tops the list with a 2.32 million subscriber base and a market share of 53.15%. The facilities and infrastructure offered by BSNL are on par with any other advanced countries. Video multicasting, audio and video conferencing are all accessible to the subscribers through its Subscriber Service Selection System (SSSS).


MTNL is the next in line and has a rich subscriber base of 0.59 million and covers 13.56% of the market share. However, MTNL functions only in Delhi, Mumbai and NCR.

3. Airtel Broadband

The next position on the ladder is taken by Airtel Broadband which enjoys a subscriber base of 0.58 million subscribers and a total market share of 13.25%. Airtel has the distinction of being the foremost incorporated telecom firm in Asia with its operations spread in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh.

4. The Hathway Cable Broadband

This company occupies the fourth position in the list and is well known for its services. The main highlight of this company is Hathway cable internet service lies on the able shoulders of DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Services Interface Specifications). This has been known to provide better services in terms of protection as compared to its competitors.

5. Tata Broadband

With a subscriber base of over 193,000 subscribers in India, Tata communications has made a mark in the markets by setting up extensive coverage and distributor base.

6. Reliance Broadband

This is one firm which is constantly reinventing itself to provide value added service to its subscriber base of 85,000 users.

7. You Broadband

You Broadband is a part of You Telecoms and is one of the first licensed internet firm and also enjoys a subscriber base of around 146,000 users.

8. Sify Broadband

With a customer base of about 54,000 customers, Sify broadband has been successful in providing services that are designed to match the assorted and varied needs of the customer.

9. Asianet Dataline Broadband

Asianet communications has a client base of 43,000 and offers an extensive range of broadband for home and corporate use.

10. HFCL Infotel Connect

Connect is the broadband service offered by HFCL Infotel. It uses the DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) technology which makes it prompt and hence many times faster as compared to the normal dial-ups.

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