Feb 18, 2011

Windows Explorer Tips

Windows Explorer is the heart and soul of Windows interface ad overall it works quite well but you can make it much better.

Use Check boxes to select multiple files:

In order to select multiple files for tasks such as copying, moving, deleting, in Windows Explorer, you generally use the keyboard and mouse, CTRL-clicking every file you want to select. But if you are a mouse centric, there is a way to select multiple files in Windows 7 using only your mouse, via check boxes. To do it:

1. In Windows Explorer, click organize, and then select ‘Folder and Search Options.’

2. Click the View Tab.

3. In Advanced Settings, scroll down and then check the box next to ‘Use check box to select items’ and click OK.

4. From now on, when you would hover your mouse over a file in windows explorer, a checkbox will appear next to i; click it to select the file. Once the file is selected, the checkbox remains next to it. If you uncheck it, the box will disappear when you move your mouse away. For details look at the screenshot below:

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